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Our first project for True Idea Productions, an international film and video production company, was launched in early February 2014. The True Idea Productions team manages video projects of all kinds from around the world – from pre-production to post- production. Our first task in this project was the renewal of the web page. The dream of Julie Ahearn, a storytelling master and executive producer of True Idea Productions, was to present the company’s services in a manner of simple elegance. Her creative thinking and proactive attitude have ennobled the collaboration, so it was a real pleasure to help her make her dreams come true.

True Idea Productions Team


We monitor for you all the European and national funding opportunities:

  • We identify eligible funding projects for each client.
  • Following the funding opportunities offered by both the European Union, the Government of Romania and other sources;
  • We offer advice on increasing your chances of success in obtaining European or national funds on your project basis.

Industries in which I helped projects to get funding:


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Identifying timely funding involves studying in detail the programs and funding lines made available by the European Union and more, an understanding of national practices regarding the management of European funds.

What do we do in fact?

Every hour we study the news and news from the European and Romanian bodies on all funds. In this way, our customers are among the first to find out about opportunities.

Because we have the experience of hundreds of projects successfully completed and because our team is strategically built to have a complete set of skills we can constantly offer you exceptional consulting services.

What do we do in fact?

We cover all the important areas and financing opportunities existing on the market, but also in the future. We are on the subject with all the topics and practices, so our processes are perfectly tailored for you to take part in our entire arsenal of knowledge, techniques and relationships both nationally and internationally.

We believe that every entrepreneur or future entrepreneur must have all the support to reach its full potential. We specialize in developing projects and business plans to help our clients and partners access the funding they want in the best time. In this way ideas become business and our customers become reputable businessmen.

What do we do in fact?
Using the experience of over twenty years and all the skills of our team, we draw up your business plan. We help you shape your business strategy, anchor it in the European development strategy, and last but not least, we help you present the representative image of your business. By using the tactics and processes thought out for your project, implementation will become easier.

Like making any project, a project funded by community funds requires management from the start. This service ensures that your business idea does not remain at the stage of the idea and that the plan is over. Project management assumes that we take care that things happen.

What do we do in fact?

With over 20 years of project implementation, we execute all the steps involved in managing the project correctly: research, planning, tracking implementation, removing obstacles, risk management, quality check, and quantification of results. This way you can focus on what you really enjoy.

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