About Us

“We have the capabilities and experience to help you get the financing you need.”
Sikó Éva
Managing Director, RRCG Consulting

Our history and experience

Rollingrom Consulting Group SRL is a company established in partnership with RCG Hungary, as a subsidiary of Rolling Consulting Group kft, which has been offering consultancy services in various fields since 1999.

In Romania, many sources of funding have remained untapped, such as: innovative technologies, environmental protection, health infrastructure development projects, tourism, and for this reason we have formed a team with overwhelming, dynamic and creative experience with which we are able to offer and deliver quality services and to create long-lasting partnerships with our clients, especially with regard to the development and management of non-reimbursable projects, whether internal or external.

Our principle is to provide quality services at the expense of the amount of these services. For these reasons, for years, the market is considered to be a company that offers quality services and our clientele comes from the references we have made so far, as well as from those reported by our old customers. Following the considerations of our customers and partners, we conduct a trusted business policy, as the Group’s market position has been stable for many years.









Vision and mission

We offer consultancy for excellence. We’re here to help entrepreneurs make you grow even more. Every day we work to see how the communities in which we act become stronger and more influential with community funding accessed.

Our mission is to help as many entrepreneurs grow their businesses. That’s why we’ve been gathering resources and experience for over 20 years. We are part of the clubs and networks and we are aware of the latest news.

Financed Projects
Succes rate

Our team

Common vision, complementary skills. We are glad to have a strong team of dedicated consultants dedicated to specific areas of action. Together, we get have a 100% success rate in accessing European funds, for entrepreneurs eager to grow sustainably, same as you.

Sikó Éva
tel: 0752 144 211
Bărbuță Romina
project manager
tel: 0749 226 271
Popșor Delia-Alexandra
project manager
tel: 0749 260 952
Csegedi Renáta
project manager
tel: 0754 266 581

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